RIVAL SONS – neue Single „Lightbringer“

RIVAL SONS – neue Single „Lightbringer“

Die zweifach GRAMMY-nominierte Band RIVAL SONS hat eine brandneue Single mit dem Titel „Mercy“ veröffentlicht, die ab sofort auf allen Streaming-Plattformen verfügbar ist. Die Single kündigt die bevorstehende Veröffentlichung ihres mit Spannung erwarteten neuen Albums LIGHTBRINGER am 20. Oktober an. Es ist das zweite Album der Gruppe, das im Jahr 2023 veröffentlicht wird, nach dem von den Kritikern hochgelobten Album DARKFIGHTER vom Juni. 

Mercy“ ist das Highlight des Albums und zeigt das unheimliche Gespür der Gruppe für Dynamik. Der Gesang wälzt sich über einem gewaltigen Gitarrenriff hin und her. Textlich geht es um den Schmerz, der von einer Generation an die nächste weitergegeben wird, wenn Sänger Jay Buchanan klagt: „You know that anger moves like electricity“.


Jay über “Mercy,”: “It’s so conductive, the way trauma moves from person to person. Anger moves like electricity in a similar way, once it gets inside you it immediately seeks transmission to latch onto someone or something else. The verses have this cyclical friction to them and it brought this to mind; inherited trauma and its vicious, silent grip. Breaking these cycles begins with recognition and I wanted to sing about that. Try a little mercy, mercy never lets you down.”

Gitarrist Scott Holiday ergänzt:: “It’s time to reveal yet another track (the last before release day!) from Lightbringer! This round, we are sharing the song entitled: “Mercy.” A song that deals with internal struggle and trying to connect with our ‘higher’ selves… to turn that energy within the struggle into something better. Musically this was a song I started very early in the writing process… Working with a similar tone that I used on the track “Mirrors” from Darkfighter. Yet, we didn’t complete this song until the end of recording all the others. Like so many of the riffs I write, I hear the drums / groove immediately, and it’s equally important / integral to the riff. Miley delivers a pretty deadly and infectious groove to accompany my guitar. One of the coolest drum / riff moments of both records in my opinion. I love the minimalism Jay attacks the song with. Really drives the message home for me. Also an inspired guitar solo, which I cut at home in my own studio. Please enjoy “Mercy.”